What Happened To Our Privacy? (Part 2)

Risks of us over-providing personal information on social platforms

Privacy is now a has-been luxury as media globalization takes over the globe, where we no longer have that privilege to seclude ourselves from others. With the introduction of mass media, the way we portray ourselves to the public has now become the way the rest of the world sees us.

[Image] Stomp, a platform for Singaporeans to post insights on news that they find entertaining.

Steven Lim, one of Singapore “well-known celebrity”, making a fool out of himself as he dance to PSY’s Gangnam Style

 MRT Fight Over Seat – The Battle Of Older Auntie vs Young Girl

Take Singapore for an example. With all these videos and updates being posted on these global social platforms, we are now seen as an ‘uncultured’ society where “there were more dogs than humans”.  Many netizens have also lament on the embarrassing lack of social grace in Singapore’s society. This might affect that overall image of Singaporeans, where we are now being portrayed to the world as uncultured and disrespectful creatures, giving the world a reason to judge us based on those news they encountered online. This is a clear example of how our privacy has now become a has-been luxury.

[Image] With an increase in the number of paparazzi these days, artistes and politicians have been facing severe privacy issues, where they can no longer have a private life of their own.

These days, people get their news from Twitter, Facebook and other media sites that get to the stories faster than traditional news outlets that get the news out to those looking for it as it happens. (Fraser, 2012) However, this is also the reason to why rumours concerning artistes and politicians are spreading fast in social networks. It is stated that a rumor started at a random node of the Twitter network in average reaches 45.6 million of the total of 51.2 million members within only eight rounds of communication. (Doerr, 2012) This is the reason to why artistes and politicians these days are being bombarded with rumours and gossips so frequently.




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