What Happened To Our Privacy? (Part 1)

When was the last time you check in through Foursquare or Facebook, or perhaps tweet an update of your life or upload your vlog on Youtube? We are over providing personal information on the Internet so often through platforms like Twitter and Facebook to an extent where Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg feels that this has become a “social norm.” (Brien, 2010)

 Xiaxue, a famous blogger from Singapore got to know her husband, Mike, through her blog.

[Screencap] Fans are able to get in touch with international artistes through social platforms.

The benefits of these social platforms is something each and everyone of us are familiar to, from global communication across language and culture barriers, to keeping in touch with long lost acquaintances. However, with rising concerns regarding privacy issues, it is about time we become aware of the risks we are putting ourselves into as we over provide our personal information on these social platforms.

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