Ideal Body Image? (Part 1)

Embrace and love your body, it is the most amazing thing you will ever own. – Tumblr

We are living in a century where our society is overly obsessed with the idea of the perfect body image. (Sexton, 2006) You can see that “perfect” body image everywhere, be it in magazines, fashion runways or advertisements.

[Image] The hourglass is normally accepted as the “ideal” female shape in Western countries.

Females tend to perceive an unrealistic thinness as the ideal body image

Males tend to perceive an unrealistic muscle mass and higher weight as the ideal

Some may argue that being conscious of our body image might not totally be a bad thing. Most standard clothing outlets cater to size 14 or smaller, but 50% of the female population are size 14 or larger. (Jones, 2012)

[Image] One of the common clothing size chart used for online shopping

[Image] A collage of typical ugly fashions offered to that 50% who are of size 14 and larger.

This brings me to my point that exercising actively and having a balance diet not only help us to stay healthy, it is also able to ease some of the social pressure we face. We tend to be more confident and happy with ourselves after every workout session. Endorphins, also known as the “feel-good” enzymes, are released when we exercise. (Schoenfeld, 2012)

But the question is, are we truly undergoing the right procedures to achieve that ideal body image of ours, or are we simply choosing an alternative route that seems easier and quicker?

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