Ideal Body Image? (Part 2)

We are living in a society where dieting has become a social norm. With a variety of diet plans available to us in just a click, it is hardly surprising that at least 10% of our female population spend their entire lives dieting. (Murray 2012)

 Types of food consumed in a Low-Calorie Diet

[Image] An Atkins Diet Plan

[Image] Ready made diet plans available with just a search in any search engines

[Image] My Fitness Pal’s iPhone app and online web account are free

[Image] We are able to track our daily food intake easily and get specific recommendations

[Screencap] People from around the globe encourages and motivates one another through forums like My Fitness Pal

And with all these dieting resources available to us everywhere, we are indeed overexposed to the concept where dieting is beneficial to everyone. This brings me to my other point where eating disorders, like anorexia nervosa and bulimia, may develop from dieting. Eating disorders affect up to 5 million Americans each year, (Hopkins, 2012) and in Singapore, females as young as eight are falling prey to anorexia nervosa. (Chandra, 2012)

[Google Image] Females having a distorted image of their own body as they try to achieve that ‘perfect’ body image

[Google Image]  Bulimics torturing themselves as they try to be ‘perfect’.

[Google Image] The body of an anorexic.

Personally, without that overexposure to the idea of dieting through mass media, I highly doubt that we will be so concerned with our body image and undergo dieting. Without that constant bombarding of images and messages that reinforce the idea that happiness and success is linked to thinness, youth will grow up without the mentality of wanting to be slim and undergo dieting measures.

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