Is Online Shopping Beneficial or Harmful? (Part 1)

Online shopping, otherwise known as blog shopping, is a very Singaporean phenomenon.

Livejournal hosts over 50,000 Singapore-based blogshops.

With the help of media globalization, opportunities are created for these entrepreneurs who enter the market for an extra income through this platform. In recent years, the number of online blog shops that sell international fashion wears and accessories has been rising sharply, where up to 10% of the livejournal blog shops in Singapore earn more than 1,500 USD each month (WEBWIRE, 2011)

Angela Ang (24), owner of My Glamour Place earns an average of 30,000SGD per month.

Young entrepreneurs can make use of this opportunity to start their own business and even if the idea fails, they are still able to earn profits by selling the products at bargained prices or switching to a better supplier. This encourages the younger generation to test their creativity skills and entrepreneurship skills and learn vulnerable life lessons which we won’t be able to receive through our education system. And by looking at things from this perspective, media globalization has provided a beneficial platform to us.

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