Is Online Shopping Beneficial or Harmful? (Part 2)

However, despite the benefits that were mentioned previously, there are still consequences of online shopping that we should take into consideration.

There are netizens who are hiding behind their screens and prowling online with their phony sites. We are putting ourselves at risks of identity theft and “smishing” by providing our personal details each time we make a purchase online.

Though a number of people may feel that online shopping is convenient and allows them to purchase their preferred products at a cheaper rate, a significant proportion of them still do not like giving their personal details or credit card number online.

Ever bought a product online only to find that it’s a replica or that it’s a totally different product? Popular sites like eBay and Amazon do have fraudulent sellers, and it is stated in a review on eBay that 50% of all the Microsoft software are fakes.

An example of a victim of a scam on eBay.

So, is online shopping something beneficial or harmful? In my opinion, although it is true that we’re open to more choices through online shopping and there are more opportunities for young entrepreneurs, the risks we’ve to have take seem to overpower those benefits. Not only are we putting our privacy at risk by providing our personal information to the whole world, we are also giving fraudulent sellers from around the globe a chance to cheat us with their phony goods due to media globalization.

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